Our faculty was established under Ondokuz Mayıs University in accordance with the article 27/e of the Law No. 2809, as amended by the Law No. 4480 on November 17, 1999. Division of Education of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, and Division of Gifted Education under Department of Special Education were established in the meeting of the Executive Board of the Council of Higher Education on November 03, 2011 in accordance with the articles 7/d-2&7/h of the Law No. 2547, as amended by the Law No. 2880. 

Department of Special Education

*Division of Education of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

*Division of Gifted Education

*Division of Education of Individuals with Hearing Impairment

Faculty building is in the city centre of Sinop, 5,5 kilometers away from the city centre, located on a land of 54645 square meters. As a result of collaboration between Sinop University Foundation and Ondokuz Mayıs University Foundation, it is constructed by European Sinop Cultural and Social Cooperation Foundation, centred on Germany. The building structured on a land of 6.526,60 square meters is formed of two parts as the part of administration and the part of classrooms. Basement and ground floor included, administrative building is formed of 46 offices; the building of classrooms is comprised of 29 classrooms and laboratories. Besides, library, reading hall, conference hall, canteen, and dining hall are available.

As of 2019, our faculty has 43 faculty members, 13 lecturers and 9 research assistants. In accordance with the article 35 of the Law No. 2547 (Higher Education Law), 11 Research Assistants were sent to various universities to pursue their master’s and doctoral degrees.

In addition, there are 12 administrative staff in the Faculty and 11 permanent workers including 3 security officers.